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What’s going on in the living room? And a design give-away!

Dear Readers, A friend of mine asked me to write a post about living rooms and how they’ve evolved in some homes into spaces that aren’t, well, living rooms.  This has made me really curious about how people are using their living rooms these days.  And by living room I mean a room in addition to your family room/den.  Generally not the space that you would have a TV and use for every day, casual, family hanging out. Can you take a minute to participate in our short living room survey?  I’ll share the results and some ideas for making your living room more ‘livable’ in a future post. And… one lucky participant will receive the gift of a living room redesign plan!  Family rooms/dens also eligible for this give-away.  We will work with you using your photographs to create a high-level plan for you to implement that will include suggestions for colors, furniture arrangement, and art and accessory placement. Be sure to click “vote” at the bottom of each of the following 2 polls. …