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Since you asked…staircase transformation instructions

We received a lot of feedback on our recent  foyer transformation post.  Thank you! Some of you even asked for instructions.  So here you go… First off, this is not a project for the faint of heart. My husband and I went into it thinking that with a long, four day weekend ahead we should have plenty of time to knock it out. Three months later, I realized we were so very wrong. What was I thinking taking on this project with a very active family and a new puppy?! That said, I am thrilled with the outcome and my husband was even more excited that we saved so much money doing it ourselves. Though it took us a few months, you can’t beat a transformation like this for less than $200. Here is a list of tools and materials we used: plastic drop cloths safety goggles dust masks ear plugs latex gloves painter’s tape stripper gel (we used a half gallon of Citristrip) cheap paintbrushes for stripper disposable rags metal scraper metal 5 in 1 tool small brass …