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Foyer Transformation. You won’t believe this one!

My partner in crime Sheli has been working on her new house and making every square inch of it look amazing.  She’s one talented lady and works miracles with a paintbrush, but what she has done with her foyer is unbelievable! See for yourself. Here’s the before.   Sheli wasn’t loving this staircase or the condition the treads were in. But she knew a transformation would be easy as pie.  Just kidding, it was a lot of work.  She sanded and painted and stained. And stained, and painted and stained. But look at the result… Total transformation!  Can you believe the difference?  Her foyer went from worn and drab to WOW! The great thing is, these stairs can be yours too.  This project cost less than $200 to complete.  How’s that for bang for your buck?    It did take her a lot of time and patience, but the results are really stunning. The foyer walls were painted with Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, which is the perfect backdrop for this sophisticated staircase. Sheli’s foyer now makes …


Before and After: A Laundry Room Reveal

Do you ever look at “before and after” pictures and think to yourself that the ‘before’ couldn’t really have been THAT awful.  That something must have been done to make the space look worse in the ‘before’ picture so that the ‘after’ would seem really dramatic? I can assure you that was not the case in my laundry room. It really was this bad all by itself. With a pretty useless corner. And minimal storage. Open wire shelving, a shower curtain rod to hang clothes from and a dingy plywood counter top did not a pretty picture make. It was not a nice place to be. Space was really an issue and our laundry room had an odd area of dead space.  A 2×2 foot corner that was drywalled in and completely empty inside. Four feet may not seem like much, but in a tiny space like this it can make a huge difference.  Many of my neighbors with this same weird dead space had turned the area into shelves or coat closets.  I decided …


Color(s) of the year

After going on and on about beige recently in this post, I thought maybe it was time for a little chat about color. Have you heard about the color of the year,  Pantone’s “Radiant Orchid”? And it is really quite radiant!  Not for wallflowers.  This bold shade of purple really stands out. Could you picture a whole room full? How about a piece of furniture? Personally, if nothing else I could definitely live with this – and love it! If you’re not familiar with Pantone, they do make paint, but they are also know as the global authority on color.  Their ‘color of the year’ selection is used by many consumer manufacturing companies to guide their designs for future products. So be on the lookout for “Radiant Orchid”.  I’m starting to notice it all over the place! Sherwin Williams has their own color of the year called “Exclusive Plum”. Still in the purple family, but a bit more sophisticated, lots more gray. It makes quite a statement in this space. And plum is lovely here …