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Before and After: Finishing a Family Room

Sometimes a room is just hard to finish. You’ve got paint on the walls, treatments on the windows, the important pieces of furniture in place, but you’re just not quite there yet.  You run out of the time, ideas and energy needed for taking things from just “fine” to “fantastic”. This is a predicament many of our clients face. It was the case for a super sweet and very busy family we worked with recently.  They had a wonderful space for a family room.  Great cathedral ceilings, wood floors, a fireplace, nice blinds on the windows and the perfect leather sofa.  But the room needed “finishing” and we were so happy to be able to help.   Here’s a look at the room before: They were close – 75% of the way there.  This room just needed life on the walls, accessories and a few small pieces of furniture to look pulled together and live up to it’s real potential.   Here’s the finished family room. Hello fantastic! The rug and coffee table were updated with fresh, …