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Let there be lamps

We need to have a talk about lighting and how it can change your life.  Seriously. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room.  The good feeling, the feeling that you want to sit and stay a while.   You feel happy, content and even cozy?  Believe it or not, it probably has a lot to do with the lighting. Lighting is one of those things that if done well, you don’t even really notice.  It makes pictures look perfect and rooms glow.  If done poorly however, it can really ruin everything.  It’s one of those things that may have you really stumped about a room – everything else can be in place – it should look great!  But something is off.  Lighting! Lighting comes in many forms. Most of us have some of these in our homes:   And these: Images via Lowe’s And probably  one of these: Image via Zgallerie But what you REALLY must have for good lighting are lot of these: Image via Target Lamps, really?  Why lamps …