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Pick your own Perfect

Dear Friends, I had so many ideas for a December blog post.  “How to Decorate the Perfect Tree”, “Recipe for a Perfect Holiday Party”, “Don’t Panic, but Your Mother-in-Law is Coming”. And then it occurred to me that these may be the last things some of us need to hear this time of year. Enough already, right?   So I started thinking instead about how we might bring ourselves a little less stress and a little more joy during the holidays. There is no decorating advice in this post and no pretty pictures, so if this is the only reason you’re here, feel free to stop reading now.  Consider yourself warned. : ) As for me, when December rolls around, I become a very stressed out, grumpy and not nice to be around person.  I complain endlessly.   Like if Scrooge and the Grinch had a baby together. The to-do list is longer than what one human could ever pull off, the presents need to be conceived/purchased/wrapped, some entertaining should be done, the greeting cards must go out, blah, …