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Before and After: A Happy Home Office

There’s really not much “before” to show in this room.  Just a very blah, small bedroom that was a toy dumping ground and hamster bedroom when we first moved into our house 4 years ago. When I started working from home, this seemed like the perfect spot for my  office.  My house is generally pretty neutral, but I wanted this room to be more fun and colorful – a really happy place to be. Here’s the space before. Awful, I know! But I knew this little nook had great potential as the perfect spot for a desk.  It’s a wonderful, sunny spot for work now. To help fill the space above the desk I sprayed the frames of some thrift shop cork boards white and covered the cork with handmade paper found at Luckett’s Store, an awesome, funky antique shop with lots of vintage treasures. Kitchen spice holders from Ikea (attached to a magnetic knife holder) are great for keeping small items contained and helping keep the desktop clear. These jade calendar blocks were always on my …


Color + White = Just Right

There’s a lot to be said for colors that are really saturated and intense.  Fun and bright.  They can make us really happy.  Or they can be overwhelming.  Colors can also be trendy and can become tiresome after a while.  So how can we live with the colors we love and not be overwhelmed by them?  How can we enjoy color without overcommitting? I have an idea, and it revolves around a very neutral palate created by one of my very favorite colors… white. Yes white.  I could go on and on about white.  I love it.  For now though,  just a few examples of how white can be your best friend when it comes to enjoying your favorite, most vivid, vibrant colors. Let’s start with turquoise. It has been a super hot color for years. We’ve seen it everywhere. You could certainly paint a room this color and love it: Or try something a little different: Isn’t this fantastic? I am in love with this bedroom. Soothing and calm and clean and then… hello …