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Breaking Rules in the Bedroom

Design rules that is. One huge decision when arranging your bedroom is where to put the bed.  It is almost always the largest piece of furniture in the room and as such everything else really has to work around its placement.   As a general rule, the bed goes on the longest wall that is unbroken by a window or door or other architectural element.  Both sides of the bed should be easily accessible and ideally there is space on each side for a nightstand. In some bedrooms it is really obvious where the bed should go.  Easy-peasy, like this: Image via New England Home A few of the things you want to avoid when placing your bed:  blocking windows with it, putting it in a corner with the long side pushed  against a wall or having it block the flow into other parts of the room. This is all good, however, sometimes we have no choice but to break these rules.  Some bedrooms are really small or have a lot of windows and doors …