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One of your home’s best accessories might be right under your nose

Is your home running low on personality?  Feeling nice, but not quite finished?  A little blah? One of the best and easiest ways to add character, personality and a little color to almost any space is with books. Yes books! You probably already have some hanging around or collecting dust in your attic. Of course, books are the foundation of a well styled bookcase.   But they can be so much more.   Use them to elevate a small piece of art.   Or a lamp.   Or a knick-knack.   Or something green.   Try them in your kitchen.   In your entry way.   On your coffee table.   On your mantle.   Or as a sweet centerpiece.     They can even stand in for a side table. Don’t have many books?  Not to worry.   They can be picked up for next to nothing at thrift stores, library sales and yard sales.   And did you know that there’s a website, Books by the Foot, that sells them by age, color, or subject?   …