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Do I really need to Stage my home?

So you plan to put your house on the market this year and think spring is the best time to do it.   Guess what; so does everyone else.   With the Real Estate market on an upswing (finally) don’t you think your house should stand out from the rest?  Of course you do, it just makes sense. Ask yourself this: As a buyer, would you rather buy the house that reeks of strange smells and is so cluttered that you can’t see the floor?  Would you prefer the house that has grungy carpet and dirty bathrooms?  Do you want the house with neon colored bedrooms that you’ll have to repaint as soon as you move in? Or a home that’s clean, decluttered, welcoming and a neutral palette where your furnishings will look beautiful? If you chose the clean, decluttered and welcoming home, you can bet that’s the one that other buyers will choose too. So yes, you really do need to Stage your home before you sell. But where do I start? Now that …