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Interior Decor-ranting

Do you have a moment for a little decor-rant? There are a few things that I’m really over.  Some trends I’m getting tired of.  Some things that drive me crazy. Before I start let me say that these are just my personal opinions.  Each of us should fill our homes with the things we love, that speak to us and make us happy.  What we don’t have to do is blindly follow trends that don’t work for our personal style and taste. As for me, I’m not in love with… Taxidermy. Of any kind. Real, fake, painted pink.  Deer, rhino, even unicorns. Oh, and antlers too.   If you live in a hunting lodge, ok, but in a nursery? Seems like a nightmare waiting to happen. Dining room… I personally don’t want to look at a dead animal’s head when I’m eating.  Or ever really.  So even though you are wildly popular, Taxidermy, I’m still not wild about you. Skulls. Really? I can’t believe I’m even saying this.  Who would have thought skulls would be …