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Color + White = Just Right

There’s a lot to be said for colors that are really saturated and intense.  Fun and bright.  They can make us really happy.  Or they can be overwhelming.  Colors can also be trendy and can become tiresome after a while.  So how can we live with the colors we love and not be overwhelmed by them?  How can we enjoy color without overcommitting? I have an idea, and it revolves around a very neutral palate created by one of my very favorite colors… white. Yes white.  I could go on and on about white.  I love it.  For now though,  just a few examples of how white can be your best friend when it comes to enjoying your favorite, most vivid, vibrant colors. Let’s start with turquoise. It has been a super hot color for years. We’ve seen it everywhere. You could certainly paint a room this color and love it: Or try something a little different: Isn’t this fantastic? I am in love with this bedroom. Soothing and calm and clean and then… hello …


Color(s) of the year

After going on and on about beige recently in this post, I thought maybe it was time for a little chat about color. Have you heard about the color of the year,  Pantone’s “Radiant Orchid”? And it is really quite radiant!  Not for wallflowers.  This bold shade of purple really stands out. Could you picture a whole room full? How about a piece of furniture? Personally, if nothing else I could definitely live with this – and love it! If you’re not familiar with Pantone, they do make paint, but they are also know as the global authority on color.  Their ‘color of the year’ selection is used by many consumer manufacturing companies to guide their designs for future products. So be on the lookout for “Radiant Orchid”.  I’m starting to notice it all over the place! Sherwin Williams has their own color of the year called “Exclusive Plum”. Still in the purple family, but a bit more sophisticated, lots more gray. It makes quite a statement in this space. And plum is lovely here …


Is Beige a Color?

We’ve had this discussion a few times at my house.  Whenever we are going to paint a room, my kids want to know what color we will be painting.  Most of the time I say “beige” to which my daughter always says “Mom, beige is not a color.” Beige is, in fact a color.  Would you believe that there are at least 5,910 shades of beige paint colors to choose from?  You can check out the offerings from many different paint companies here at My Perfect Color.   So now that we’ve established that beige IS a color, and there are MANY to choose from the question often becomes “which one is the perfect beige for my space?” Who would think that picking a beige could be so hard?  Well, it can be very hard.  All beiges are absolutely not created equal. Some beiges have yellow undertones. Some look pinkish or peachy. Some lean more towards green. My favorites these days are the ones with some gray in them. Here’s the thing with any paint …