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Springtime love for your fireplace

Spring is really and truly finally here!  Open the windows, air out the house, let the spring cleaning begin.  And while you’re opening, airing and cleaning, don’t overlook your fireplace.  I don’t know about yours, but mine worked a lot of overtime this winter. It looks something like this at the moment. It is dirty, tired and smelly. This is not very nice to come home to.  And since many of us have fireplaces in the rooms we spend the most time in, why not make them pretty for spring and summer? First, start with a really good cleaning.  There are some instruction to get you going here. This is not a fun job, but you will be so very happy that you did and you will no longer be greeted by that sooty smell. Now that it’s clean,  let’s turn that black hole into something a little more appealing. The first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful green plant. Ferns are always pretty and will bring a wonderful, spring-like feeling into any space.   Other …


Perfecting imperfection, a.k.a. decorating your mantel

Winter doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so how about one last hurrah for the fireplace. Fireplaces are important.  Not that we have to rely on them so much for heat these days, but because they can be a beautiful focal point in a room when they are well accessorized. Accessorizing the mantel can be a real challenge. It’s a space where you want just enough, but not too much.  Uncluttered but not boring.  Symmetry, but sometimes maybe not. Less is most definitely more, but if your mantel looks like this, we’ve got some work to do. And please don’t do this either. This one is not terrible. But not great either.  Don’t your eyes crave something substantial in that space over the mantle?  Something to keep the fireplace from being overshadowed by the height of the bookcases. Some ideas for what you might do with your own fireplace… Minimalism.  It works really well, especially when you have no mantel like these fireplaces.  Don’t hold back, go big and bold! How perfect is …