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Interior Decor-ranting

Do you have a moment for a little decor-rant?

There are a few things that I’m really over.  Some trends I’m getting tired of.  Some things that drive me crazy.

Before I start let me say that these are just my personal opinions.  Each of us should fill our homes with the things we love, that speak to us and make us happy.  What we don’t have to do is blindly follow trends that don’t work for our personal style and taste.

As for me, I’m not in love with…



Of any kind.


Real, fake, painted pink.  Deer, rhino, even unicorns. Oh, and antlers too.   If you live in a hunting lodge, ok, but in a nursery?


Seems like a nightmare waiting to happen.

Dining room…


I personally don’t want to look at a dead animal’s head when I’m eating.  Or ever really.  So even though you are wildly popular, Taxidermy, I’m still not wild about you.




I can’t believe I’m even saying this.  Who would have thought skulls would be so popular?  Captain Jack Sparrow is awesome, of course, but that doesn’t mean we have to deck our halls with skulls.

They are on wallpaper.


And pillows.


And bedding.


And shower curtains.


Unless it’s Halloween, no skulls for me thank you very much.

Keep Calm and ___________.


It’s sad when something great becomes so overused and overexposed. When a once special something becomes, well, not so special any more.  Like too much Emeril on The Food Network.

I LOVED “Keep Calm and Carry On”.  I bought the poster and framed it and hung it in my house.  I love most all things British and thought this was really clever and fun.  Until it became the most overused slogan of the decade.  We are keeping calm and doing everything!




That’s enough of that for me.  Perhaps I’m not the only one who feels this way.


Furniture that’s angled for no reason.


This drives me a little crazy.  I want to use my photo editing tool to rotate this couch to the right.  Sheli, my very kind and patient partner in decorating, has heard me complain about this forever.

If your fireplace is in the corner, go ahead and angle away – because there is a reason for it.


Otherwise it just looks ‘off’ to me.


Your furniture should be arranged to highlight the focal point of the room (fireplace, windows with a great view) and for good flow and conversation.  If you’ve done that there should be no angling necessary.

Now, so that you don’t think me a complete grouch, here are some things I love and hope to see more of…

Garden Stools.


Garden stools are infinitely useful.  Perfect when you need a spot to put a drink down.


image via southern living

Or a pop of color.


image via better homes and gardens

They even work in the bathroom.


image via lonny mag

Beauty + Function = Yes!

Botanical prints.


image via etsy

Botanical prints are everywhere, and for good reason.  Some are beautiful and natural.


image via lastlondonlady

Others colorful and bold.


image via pinterest – source unknown


image via apartment therapy

They work in almost any room.


image via pinterest – source unknown

They come in lots of colors, sizes and prices.


image via pinterest – source unknown

Chic + Affordable = Love!



I never thought I’d say this since I’ve previously not been big wallpaper fan.  But some of today’s wallpaper is really pretty.

And while I might not encourage you to cover your entire house in it, it can be the perfect thing in a small a space.


Or framed as an accent wall.


image via domino

Or framed as artwork.


image via thetaoofdana

Or to dress up a bookcase.


image via centsational girl

And don’t get me started on grasscloth.  I could go on for days.


image via interiorsdigital

Attractive + Versatile = Count me in!

That’s it, decor-rant over for today.  Thank you for listening.  I feel much better now. : )

What’s driving you crazy out there in the world of decor?

What do you love and want to see more of?  Any trends you’re hoping will be long-lasting?

Feel free to decor-rant away.  We’d love to hear it.

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Ashley and her partner Sheli Fierstine are co-owners of Staged for Style. A Northern Virginia based home staging and interior design business. When they are not staging or decorating they are busy with kids, husbands, dogs, Guinea Pigs and the like. They both believe passionately that your home should be the place you most love to be and that a well loved home is attainable for anyone.


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