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Before and After: A Happy Home Office

There’s really not much “before” to show in this room.  Just a very blah, small bedroom that was a toy dumping ground and hamster bedroom when we first moved into our house 4 years ago.

When I started working from home, this seemed like the perfect spot for my  office.  My house is generally pretty neutral, but I wanted this room to be more fun and colorful – a really happy place to be.

Here’s the space before.



Awful, I know!

But I knew this little nook had great potential as the perfect spot for a desk.


SfS022214 (19 of 33)

 It’s a wonderful, sunny spot for work now.


To help fill the space above the desk I sprayed the frames of some thrift shop cork boards white and covered the cork with handmade paper found at Luckett’s Store, an awesome, funky antique shop with lots of vintage treasures.

SfS022214 (28 of 33)

Kitchen spice holders from Ikea (attached to a magnetic knife holder) are great for keeping small items contained and helping keep the desktop clear.


These jade calendar blocks were always on my grandfather’s desk. I’m so happy to now have them on mine!

And instead of this:


There’s a daybed that is a great place to work or read.

SfS022614 (1 of 5)

It’s one of the most popular seats in the house now!

This corner went from really sad and cluttered:


To fun and functional.

SfS022614 (2 of 5)

Lots of much needed storage by way of an Ikea bookcase.

SfS022214 (17 of 33)


The little bowl holding my cards is from Target.  I love it and have a similar yellow one on my desk.  They are the perfect size for so many things from nuts and dips to cards, stamps and paperclips.

The closet doors got some sparkly new hardware.

SfS022214 (23 of 33)

One of my favorite parts of the room now is the ceiling.   Pretty generic before with an almost old enough to be called antique ceiling fan.


Now it’s a fresh, happy green.  I love how it contrasts with the white walls and  new ceiling fan.

SfS022614 (4 of 5)

SfS022614 (3 of 5)

This was truly a makeover on a budget.

The daybed is West Elm, but purchase from Craigslist at a huge bargain.

The desk, chair, bookcase, floating shelves and some of the artwork are from Ikea.

The accessories, other than a few vintage hand-me-downs, were found at local thrift stores, Target or Homegoods.

I’m really happy with how this space turned out, it makes working even more fun. My kids often do their home work here and sometimes hang out with friends.  It’s a space we really get a lot of use out of now that it’s gotten some love and attention.

Do you have any underused spots in your home that might be transformed and become more functional and easier on the eyes?  It really is very doable and doesn’t have to break the bank.  And you’ll be so happy to be able to use what might have been wasted space.

The beautiful “after” photos in this post are by the very talented James Martin and Elizabeth Kim of Monogram Arts Photo.   Thank you James and Elizabeth for the amazing pictures!

If you need help staging your home to sell or styling your home into a place you love, contact us or visit our website at http://www.stagedforstyle.com.  



  1. Cari Gardner says

    This is so much fun to see, especially since I actually saw the before and after.

    You do good work!



  2. Margaret Black says

    Your blog is great. I love getting all of these decorating tips from you. Thanks!

  3. I like your work! Just “followed” you. Please read a few of my postings and follow me if you see fit. Thanks, Ron


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