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Is your house having a mid-life crisis?

We often find that people who haven’t updated their homes in a while feel overwhelmed, don’t know where to start and end up doing nothing.  This can lead to a serious mid-life crisis for your home.  The good news is that this kind of mid-life crisis can be relatively inexpensive and easy to fix.

I have some suggestions for updates that are actually very wise investments in your home.  Investments, why?  Because these are things that will make your home look not only more beautiful, but also up-to-date and cared for.  And homes that are cared for hold their value.   It’s just common sense.

Here are 3 very important things to consider when investing in updates for your home.  Of course there are more, but these will get you off to a great start.

1.  Replace dated brass light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Brass is coming back in in a huge way.  The new brass has a softer patina, a more vintage feel and looks something like this gorgeous thing:


image via gracioushome.com

I’m taking about getting rid of the cheap, super-shiny, builder grade brass like this:


Which could so easily be replaced with something really pretty like this:


ballard designs “cosette” chandelier – $259

or simple and sophisticated like this:


pottery barn linen drum pendant – $299

or very glamorous like this:


pottery barn clarissa chandelier – $1299

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or love making old things look fresh and new, try transforming your old brass into something like this:


Adorable, right?   A terrific update for the cost of about $8 worth of spray paint.

Don’t stop there.

If you have one of these or something similar:


Think about shaving a few decades off of your homes appearance with something more modern like this:


pottery barn bolton lantern – $399

Now that you’re on a roll, make sure to take care of the flush mount lighting in your hallway, “glamour bar” in your bathroom and oversized florescent light in your kitchen.

Ceiling fans can also give away your home’s age.

How about this:


circa 1987

being swapped out for something like this:



or even this:


2. Remove dated wallpaper. 

Wallpaper has also made a huge comeback in recent years.

I’m not talking about removing wallpaper like this:


image via thibaut wallpaper

I’m taking about this:


And this:


Yes, this is labor intensive.  Yes, everyone hates doing it.   And yes, you really need to do it anyway.

3.  Replace heavy, dated window treatments.

They block precious light and are just too formal for the way most of us live these days.

So unless you’re living here:


buckingham palace

Take down these:


and these:


I wrote a post about window treatments recently that can be found here if you need ideas for updating your windows.  There are so many great options out there that won’t blow your budget.  I promise you can have nice window treatments and still send your kids to college.

When we stage homes, we always point these 3 things out to our sellers as really important upgrades.  But why wait until you’re selling?  Have you ever spruced your house up to sell and really wished you’d lived that way all along?  We hear all the time “I really don’t want to move now” from sellers after their house has been updated and staged.  We should experience this kind of house love all the time!

What kind of mid-life crisis prevention does your home need?  Start now and enjoy your home more than ever.  Why let the next owners have all the fun?

If you need help staging your home to sell or styling your home into a place you love, contact us or visit our website at http://www.stagedforstyle.com.  


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Ashley and her partner Sheli Fierstine are co-owners of Staged for Style. A Northern Virginia based home staging and interior design business. When they are not staging or decorating they are busy with kids, husbands, dogs, Guinea Pigs and the like. They both believe passionately that your home should be the place you most love to be and that a well loved home is attainable for anyone.

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