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Is Beige a Color?

We’ve had this discussion a few times at my house.  Whenever we are going to paint a room, my kids want to know what color we will be painting.  Most of the time I say “beige” to which my daughter always says “Mom, beige is not a color.”

Beige is, in fact a color.  Would you believe that there are at least 5,910 shades of beige paint colors to choose from?  You can check out the offerings from many different paint companies here at My Perfect Color.  

So now that we’ve established that beige IS a color, and there are MANY to choose from the question often becomes “which one is the perfect beige for my space?”

Who would think that picking a beige could be so hard?  Well, it can be very hard.  All beiges are absolutely not created equal.

Some beiges have yellow undertones.


benjamin moore’s powell buff – image via pottery barn

Some look pinkish or peachy.


benjamin moore seaside sand – image via

Some lean more towards green.


benjamin moore camouflage – image via pinterest – source unknown

My favorites these days are the ones with some gray in them.


sherwin williams accessible beige – image via houzz

Here’s the thing with any paint color, especially beige…  IT WILL NOT LOOK THE SAME IN YOUR HOUSE AS IT LOOKS IN A MAGAZINE, YOUR FRIENDS HOUSE, ON A WEBSITE, or at the THE PAINT STORE.  This is really important.  This is how many paint selection mistakes are made. Even from room to room in your own home a color can look different.

The lighting in your home will greatly affect how the paint looks.  So you must be sure to observe the color on different walls in the room at different times of the day.  What looks perfect during the daylight might look sickly green at night.  These observations are the only way to be sure you’ll get it right the first time.

Beige gets such a bad rap sometimes, but if you’ve picked the right beige and your room still doesn’t look great, it’s not necessarily the paint’s fault.  There are many elements that go into making a space lovely.

Take a look at these:


image via


image via pinterest – source unknown


image via Better Homes and Gardens

All beige, but beautiful, right?  It’s not just about the paint. The paint, whatever color you choose, is just the foundation for the rest of the elements you bring into the room.

So if you’re thinking beige – fantastic!  Neutrals are often the best way to go – the perfect backdrop for just about anything.

How do you feel about beige?  Do you find it beautiful or boring?  As for my daughter, she tells me now that beige might be growing on her. : )

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Ashley and her partner Sheli Fierstine are co-owners of Staged for Style. A Northern Virginia based home staging and interior design business. When they are not staging or decorating they are busy with kids, husbands, dogs, Guinea Pigs and the like. They both believe passionately that your home should be the place you most love to be and that a well loved home is attainable for anyone.


  1. Accessible Beige rocks – you saved me with that paint color in my home – thank you ladies!

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