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Breaking Rules in the Bedroom

Design rules that is.

One huge decision when arranging your bedroom is where to put the bed.  It is almost always the largest piece of furniture in the room and as such everything else really has to work around its placement.   As a general rule, the bed goes on the longest wall that is unbroken by a window or door or other architectural element.  Both sides of the bed should be easily accessible and ideally there is space on each side for a nightstand.

In some bedrooms it is really obvious where the bed should go.  Easy-peasy, like this:


Image via New England Home

A few of the things you want to avoid when placing your bed:  blocking windows with it, putting it in a corner with the long side pushed  against a wall or having it block the flow into other parts of the room.

This is all good, however, sometimes we have no choice but to break these rules.  Some bedrooms are really small or have a lot of windows and doors or just downright awkward layouts.  In these situations we just do the best we can with what we have to work with.  And the results can actually be fantastic!

Here’s an example of when it’s ok to block a window with a bed.

This basement level guest bedroom, while really large, had windows or doors or a niche on every single wall.  When we started working on the space it looked like this:



The bed had been placed on the longest wall and the homeowner had tried not to put it in front of the window, but it just wasn’t going to work in that spot.  You see, bedrooms are a place where most of us unknowing like a little symmetry, and that was going to be impossible with this layout.  And a bed smushed against the wall in a room this large really isn’t necessary.

We decide that this was a situation in which the bed did indeed need to go in front of the window.  We framed the window with some curtain panels and added a nice but not too tall headboard and the end result was this:



Who knew that breaking rules could be so beautiful?

Here’s an example of a bed that didn’t belong in front of a window:



This is the master bedroom of one of our home staging clients.  They had a  lovely home and beautiful furniture, but the arrangement of this bedroom really wasn’t showing off the space to its maximum potential. The room was very dark.  Dark for sleeping = good.  Dark for selling your house = bad.   Also the empty wall on one side of the bed was a little forlorn looking.  The curtains were never opened, they were actually pinned together in the center.  Potential buyers might have never even known there was a window in this bedroom.

The new arrangement looked like this:


Better!  Of course opening the curtains and letting the light in makes a huge difference.  But also this new arrangement is more balanced and very pleasing to the eye.  In this situation it was best to follow the rules.

In the bedroom and other rooms of the house there are “rules” of design that sometimes need to be broken.  And it’s okay!  Just be sure to break them only when it makes sense.  No need to be a decorating rebel without a cause.

What rules are you breaking in your own home?  Is it working out beautifully or not so well?   Tell us.  Send us pictures.  We’d love to know!

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  1. Margaret says

    What a clever idea to put the bed in front of the window, framed by curtain panels. I’m helping my daughter rearrange her room this weekend. I think we’re going to try this out. Thanks for the tip!


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