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Let there be lamps

We need to have a talk about lighting and how it can change your life.  Seriously.

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room.  The good feeling, the feeling that you want to sit and stay a while.   You feel happy, content and even cozy?  Believe it or not, it probably has a lot to do with the lighting.

Lighting is one of those things that if done well, you don’t even really notice.  It makes pictures look perfect and rooms glow.  If done poorly however, it can really ruin everything.  It’s one of those things that may have you really stumped about a room – everything else can be in place – it should look great!  But something is off.  Lighting!

Lighting comes in many forms.

Most of us have some of these in our homes:



And these:


Images via Lowe’s

And probably  one of these:


Image via Zgallerie

But what you REALLY must have for good lighting are lot of these:


Image via Target

Lamps, really?  Why lamps when I have overhead lighting in every room?  I’ll tell you why.  It’s all about mood and ambiance and that “feeling” that makes you either want to stay in a room or get the heck out.

As a rule of thumb in decorating, each seat in each room designed for communal hanging out (i.e. your family room), should have a place to put a drink down.  I think we should add to this rule that each seat should have good lighting.  If you think about the places in your home that you find yourself sitting the most, you’ll probably realize that the places with a lamp nearby are your favorite spots.

Who wouldn’t want to perch here?


Image via Decorpad

Try a tiny lamp in your kitchen.  Small lamps are perfect for dark areas under cabinets.  So cozy!


Image via Twice Remembered

I even have  lamp in my laundry room.  Sounds silly, right?  But why not make the place I find myself  MANY  times a day look a little more welcoming?

Image 1

Bedside lamps are pretty much a given, most people have them.  Just make sure they are the right height for reading in bed.

These are perfect!


Image via Pinterest


Please, if at all possible, put a lamp on a table in your foyer.

EntryI 011

Image via fortheloveofahouse

Nothing says welcome home as much as the warm light from a lamp.  Especially in the winter when most of us are getting home when its dark and cold.  And take it a step further and put this lamp and a few others on timers.  You’ll come home in the evening to a happily glowing home instead of a dark house.

Please consider going above and beyond your current lighting.  You may have lighting that can make a room brighter than a surgical suite, but is that how you really want your home to feel?

So give lamps a chance!

Maybe just not this one…


Image via Hookedonhouses

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Ashley and her partner Sheli Fierstine are co-owners of Staged for Style. A Northern Virginia based home staging and interior design business. When they are not staging or decorating they are busy with kids, husbands, dogs, Guinea Pigs and the like. They both believe passionately that your home should be the place you most love to be and that a well loved home is attainable for anyone.

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